Axiom Constructors was founded by Richard Jessop who grew up in the trade and worked for a number of small concrete contractors. Initially focusing on residential and small commercial projects, the business quickly expanded when interested General Contractors took notice of the quality and timeliness of Axiom Constructors work.

    Richard envisioned and believed there was a better way to serve both General Contractors and employees, so he created a new company, Axiom Constructors to embody his vision. From humble beginnings starting in 2012, Richard has grown the company exponentially while never wavering from his passion of providing timely, high quality solutions at a fair price.

Core Competencies

    The core competency of Axiom Constructors is its ability to provide quality concrete solutions in a timely and efficient manner at a fair price. Because the company has skilled and experienced workers, even the most complex construction projects are delivered efficiently and effectively.

   Axiom Constructors highly values safety for not only it’s employees but for other workers at every job site, and rigorously provides continuous safety training to the staff. The company is committed to conducting business in a manner that safeguards the health and well being of it’s employees, customers, vendors, other contractors as well as the community where each project is located.

Strategic & Tactical Vision

    The strategy of the company is to specialize in serving commercial construction clients and high-end residential projects in the greater Salt Lake City area. Select out of the area jobs are considered but the main priority and emphasis is on projects in the Wasatch Front.


    The company has a well-defined organizational structure with management that is well suited to their positions and highly effective. The current management team is comprised of the following functions and people:

1. Richard Jessop -- President/Owner/CVO

2. Cannon Barlow -- VP/Office Manager/HR

3.  -- Finance Manager

4. Travis Barlow -- Sales & Estimating

5. Josh Jessop -- Operations Manager

6. Milosz Sinila -- Senior Project Engineer

7. Bobby Timpson -- Project Manager

8. Chad Spendlove - Project Manager

    As President and owner, Richard directs the company’s strategic planning, sales and marketing and policy setting initiatives. This includes determining the company’s target markets, product mix, and financial plan.

   Seeing the need for a better way to provide poured concrete services, he brought experience and entrepreneurial energy into forming Axiom Constructors.

      As Vice President, Cannon is responsible for managing and overseeing human resources, payroll and has a team that manages the Finance & Accounting functions. Cannon comes to Axiom Constructors with over eighteen years of experience in construction in multiple trades including electrical, concrete and framing.

    As Operations Manager, Josh Jessop, is responsible for all field operations. Josh brings to Axiom over a decade of construction experience and has managed large crews with good success.

    As Sales & Estimating Manager, Travis Barlow, is responsible for obtaining good and profitable jobs. Travis brings to Axiom over two decade of construction experience and has managed crews and jobs with good success.  

    The company has developed a strategic sales plan, which is supported by an annual budget. Monthly operating results are compared to targets, allowing the company to manage for profitability and adjust quickly to changes in labor costs, resource prices, or product demand. Tuesday morning management meetings are conducted, during which a review of the previous week’s sales, financial position and other key performance indicators is conducted. More in depth management meetings are held monthly to review the operating results for that period.

We take up most pride in our work!